Carly Rae Jepsen Announces Her New Album, ‘The Loneliest Time’

Sad girl autumn is looking promising this year. Today, Canadian pop icon Carly Rae Jepsen has announced her fourth major-label album (fifth overall), called The Loneliest Time.

In May, Jepsen gave fans the first tease of the album with the Rostam-produced “Western Wind.” Set to arrive this October, the album will consist of 13 standard tracks and three additional bonus tracks.

Upon announcing the album, Jepsen shared the album’s cover art in an Instagram post, reading, “I’m quite fascinated by loneliness. It can be really beautiful when you turn it over and look at it. Just like love, it can cause some extreme human reactions.”

The album’s title perhaps refers to the loneliness and isolation many people have felt amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In a September 2020 interview with Elle, Jepsen detailed her writing process while in quarantine.

“The most awkward thing for me so far has been trying to do writing sessions over Zoom,” she said. “You’re trying to spark creativity with, sometimes, a complete stranger. It’s just a really awkward beginning process. We’re staring at each other like, ‘Can I call you back when we each have some ideas?’ I’m always writing, chipping away at a couple ideas here and there. Right now I would say it’s been the most successful with my guitarist Tavish [Crowe], who’s based in Canada, just because we are really used to each other’s flow and I don’t feel self-conscious sending him a voice memo, even if it sounds crap. I know he trusts that we’ll get it to the right place.”

Check out the cover art below.

carly rae jepsen the loneliest time
Courtesy of Interscope

The Loneliest Time is out 10/21 via Interscope and School Boy. Pre-save it here.