Cher Vowed To Fight For Britney Spears After A #FreeBritney Advocate Tagged Her On Twitter

While the actual facts about Britney Spears’ feelings about her conservatorship are still very fuzzy, the case against it seems to be getting stronger by the day. After a damning documentary from The New York Times painted Britney as a victim under her father’s control, and legal experts echoed the concern of fans who started the #FreeBritney movement years ago now, plenty of other celebrities and musicians have become interested in the case.

And today, after new info came to light that seemed to further suggest Britney’s father is not a welcome part of the conservatorship that runs her life, a Britney fan reached out to celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kesha, and Cher on Twitter, begging them to get involved.

“Help us end this unjustice!” the fan wrote. “Use your voice! #FreeBritney.” They probably not expecting that one of the celebrities would respond.

“I have written so many angry, over the top [tweets],” Cher responded on Twitter. “But they have changed nothing. I will try to call. Might not get through… but I will try. #FreeBritney.”

Well, that just goes to show that social media remains one of the best ways to get the attention of famous people. If an advocate like Cher can help Britney in any way, it sounds like she’s going to try. And if it gets her back onstage and performing, even better.