Christina Aguilera May Be Singing About Her Estranged Father In Her New Spanish Song

Christina Aguilera is getting very personal in one of her upcoming Spanish songs. In an interview with Billboard yesterday (September 27), the pop superstar opened up about her new single “No Es Que Te Extrañe” that may be about her feelings towards her estranged father.

Aguilera is of Ecuadorian descent from her father’s side of the family. While she is proud to represent to Latina roots in her music, she has made it known in the past that she has a “non-existent” relationship with her father. Aguilera has previously claimed her father physically and verbally abused her mother when she was a child. Her parents divorced soon after that time and Aguilera has maintained her distance from her father.

While talking about her upcoming single “No Es Que Te Extrañe” with Billboard, Aguilera revealed it was about an “estranged or difficult relationship you may have had with someone you were close with.” While wanting to keep the meaning behind the song “open-ended,” she mentioned that it was inspired by personal experiences.

“For me it does touch on some experiences that I had growing up. The environment around me inside the home and outside of the home. I witnessed a lot of various forms of abuse and whatnot,” she said.

Aguilera now having children of her own gave her new perspective about the situation in her song. “I don’t want it to be about blaming. I don’t want to vilify anyone,” she added. Aguilera described writing and recording “No Es Que Te Extrañe” as a form of healing and “closure” for her.

“My point and my purpose is to tell a story that hopefully others can relate to and feel empowered by and find forgiveness for themselves and those that have hurt us,” she said.

Aguilera also uploaded a snippet of “No Es Que Te Extrañe” to YouTube. In the sweeping bolero ballad, she sings about having that estranged person on her mind. In English, the Spanish lyrics translate to:

“It’s not that I’m missing you. I’m just curious to know what you’re doing. If some day you’ve wondered what I feel. Don’t worry, I’m not asking for anything. It’s not that I’m missing you, but I’m scared of all the years go by.”

“No Es Que Te Extrañe” will be included on Aguilera’s upcoming Spanish EP La Luz. The EP will reportedly be released on October 7. Last week, Aguilera received seven nominations for the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards.