Christine And The Queens Releases The Surprise EP ‘La Vita Nuova’ And A Choreographed Short Film

Earlier this month, Christine And The Queens released the vulnerable single, “People, I’ve Been Sad.” Now, the singer is giving fans a glimpse into her whimsical world and introducing a new side to herself with her surprise 6-track EP La Vita Nuova, alongside a short film of the same name.

Spanning the length of her EP, the 13-minute visual opens with the singer introspectively dancing on a rooftop. But she suddenly realizes she’s not alone as she turns to find the devil by her side. To escape, the singer falls off a building and awakens inside a dance studio for the EP’s second number, “Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras.” The video progresses but Chris cannot get the image of the devil to leave her. She passionately crawls across a theater stage in “Mountains (We Met)” before finding herself in an ornate hall for “Nada” and transferring the devil’s spirit inside of her.

Caroline Polachek makes an appearance in the visual for the collaborative title track. Still with the devil’s energy inside of her, Chris becomes captivated with Polachek. They meet on the dance floor for a few intimate moments before Chris sinks her teeth into Polachek’s neck. The visual comes to a close as the singer becomes fully transformed into the devil she so feared at the film’s opening.

Watch Christine And The Queens’ La Vita Nuova video above. Below, find the La Vita Nuova cover art and tracklist.

Camille Vivier

1. “People, I’ve Been Sad”
2. “Je Disparais Dans Tes Bras”
3. “Mountains (We Met)”
4. “Nada”
5. “La Vita Nuova” Feat. Caroline Polachek
6. “I Disappear In Your Arms” (Bonus Track)

La Vita Nuova is out now via Because. Get it here.