Claud’s Charming Single ‘Soft Spot’ Heralds Their Debut Album ‘Super Monster’

Claud, the first signee of Phoebe Bridgers’ newly minted label Saddest Factory, ushered in a new era of music with their lighthearted single “Gold.” Now returning with some big news, Claud announced their upcoming debut album Super Monster with the reflective single “Soft Spot.”

Over a warm-toned guitar, Claud sings of dealing with the emotions behind unrequited love. Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Claud said, “I have a soft spot for lots of people, places, and things. This song is about knowing I can’t be with this one specific person, but my feelings won’t go away… I still hope I run into them, or they randomly text me about something. It’s just me romanticizing what I can’t have and being like ‘but what if…'”

Claud’s vibrant Super Monster cover art was also unveiled alongside the single. It’s a self-portrait depicting Claud triumphantly ascending and leaving their stuffy neighborhood behind. The artwork was actually inspired by a drawing by the late singer Daniel Johnston that Claud came across while visiting Electric Lady studios, which was titled “Claud and the Super Monster.”

Listen to “Soft Spot” above and see Claud’s Super Monster cover art and tracklist below.

Saddest Factory

1. “Overnight”
2. “Gold”
3. “Soft Spot”
4. “In Or In Between”
5. “Cuff Your Jeans”
6. “Ana”
7. “Guard Down”
8. “This Town”
9. “Jordan”
10. “That’s Mr B*tch To You”
11. “Pepsi”
12. “Rocks At Your Window”
13. “Falling At The Rain”

Super Monster is out 2/12/2021 via Saddest Factory. Pre-order it here.

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