Dominic Fike Put On A Full-Length Livestream Concert From Within ‘Fortnite’

For the majority of 2020, musicians have taken to unconventional spaces to perform. The pandemic has necessitated that instead of traditional concert venues, artists livestream performances from their homes and other areas. Spaces not traditionally for music have started to fit the bill, like Fortnite. Travis Scott hosted a show in the popular video game earlier this year, and now Dominic Fike has followed in his footsteps.

While a lot of livestream performances just feature a handful of songs, Fike went the distance on September 12 and put on a full-length, 16-song concert as part of Fornite‘s Party Royale concert series. He was joined on a real-life stage by his band, and video of the performance was shown in a virtual in-game screen.

Fike is fresh off the release of What Could Possibly Go Wrong, of which Uproxx’s Caitlin White recently noted, “It seems clear that Fike can venture into the rap realm if he ever has the itch, and his emphasis on melody and lyrics with a hint of the percussion and beat-driven sound tucked into the fabric of the songs evokes auteurs like Frank Ocean and Billie Eilish more than other MCs.”

Watch the full performance above, and check out the setlist below.

“Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)”
“Cancel Me”
“Good Game”
“Chicken Tenders”
“Come Here”
“Westcoast Collective”
“What’s For Dinner?”
“Açaí Bowl”
“Phone Numbers”
“Politics & Violence”
“3 Nights”