Dua Lipa And Jimmy Fallon Parody ‘Love Actually’ Before Covering A Christmas Favorite From The Film

The famous cue cards scene from Love Actually has been parodied about as much as any moment from any movie, and now Dua Lipa and Jimmy Fallon decided to get in on it as a way to introduce a holiday-themed performance.

In the video, Fallon sees Lipa walking down a hallway and asks how she’s doing, and she whispers in response, “I’m good, how are you?” Fallon presses her for more, but Lipa reveals she’s saving her voice for her upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance. So, grabbing a stack of cue cards, Lipa, in direct opposition of her voice-saving measures, asks Fallon if she wants to sing a Christmas song with her.

He obliges and the scene shifts to the pair performing Love Actually‘s “Christmas Is All Around,” which itself is a re-worked version of The Troggs’ “Love Is All Around.” The performance visuals shift between the two singing on a stage to lo-fi footage of the two outside enjoying holiday sights.

As suggested above, this comes ahead of Lipa’s upcoming stint as SNL musical guest on this weekend’s episode, which will be hosted by Kristen Wiig.

Watch Lipa and Fallon perform “Christmas Is All Around” above.

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