Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Brandi Carlile, And Courteney Cox Honor Lisa Kudrow With ‘Tiny Dancer’

Ever since the recent premiere of the Friends reunion special, the world has enjoyed having another excuse to look back at one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. The show has actually been a big moment in the music world, too, and the fun continued over the weekend with a special tribute to Lisa Kudrow, via Courteney Cox, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and Brandi Carlile.

In a video that Cox shared online yesterday, Sheeran begins by dedicating the video to Kudrow before the show widens to reveal that he’s seated at a piano alongside the aforementioned folks. From there, the quartet performs “Tiny Dancer,” but with the modified “Tony Danza” lyrics from the show, of course.

Shortly after, Kudrow shared a response video, saying while sporting an ultra-wide smile, “That was the most thrilling thing ever. It was so good.” She then got nit-picky about the performance, continuing, “Technically, it’s, ‘Hold me close, young Tony Danza,’ so, but, you know… what you did was great, too, including the original song that you wrote, Sir Elton. That was really good.”

Danza himself also re-shared the original video and noted that he was honored by the performance.

Those who have been keeping up with Sheeran-related Friends news know that this video follows Sheeran and Cox’s re-creation of the show’s epic dance routine from a week ago.

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