Ed Sheeran Says The ‘Ginger Kids’ Episode Of ‘South Park’ ‘F*cking Ruined’ His Life

South Park has had its share of (in)famous episodes during its lengthy run, but one that stands out in particular is “Ginger Kids,” which debuted in 2005 and sees Eric Cartman transformed into a redhead after he made fun of redheaded people. The episode is credited with inspiring “Kick A Ginger Day” and, among some, a general mistreatment of and/or disdain for people with red hair. Not even Ed Sheeran is immune, as he says the episode “f*cking ruined” his life.

Sheeran recently told Slam Radio (as The Independent notes) that after the episode, people in the US started commenting on his hair more than they did before:

“Having red hair in England was always a thing that people took the piss out of you for, but it was never something in America. People never knew what a ginger was in America. That episode of South Park f*cking ruined my life. I was going to America and everyone was like, ‘I love your hair dude.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, people like my hair?’ And then I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life.”

The episode didn’t damper Sheeran’s appreciation of the show, though, as he said he’s still a fan and that he’d like to voice a character on the program.

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