Ellen Pompeo Would ‘Love’ A Taylor Swift ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Appearance After Rumors About One Swirl

In recent days, rumors have been swirling that Taylor Swift could pop up in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Specifically, fans noticed that Swift’s name turned up on the IMDb page for the show’s upcoming 400th episode, which is titled “Out Of Blood.” The credit was later removed, but the show’s star certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Swift pop up at Grey-Sloan Memorial.

At an event promoting the 400th episode, Extra asked Pompeo if a Swift cameo could happen and she responded, “I think she’s pretty busy, but that would be fun. I would love it.”

Making an appearance on Grey’s would likely be a dream come true for Swift, since she’s been a fan of the long-running medical drama for years. In 2008, Swift’s “White Horse” appeared on the second episode of the show’s fifth season. In a video of her seeing that scene for the first time, she’s beyond excited.

Later, in 2015, Swift got Pompeo to appear in her “Bad Blood” video. Then, in 2019, she posed for an Entertainment Weekly photo in a pin-covered jacket, one of which featured Pompeo and Sandra Oh (in character as Meredith Grey and Christina Yang).

If Swift were to appear on the show soon, the timing would be good, since she just received an honorary doctorate from NYU.