Model Emily Ratajkowski Slams Ellen DeGeneres Over ‘F*cked up’ Taylor Swift Interview

It looks like model Emily Ratajkowski and former TV show host Ellen DeGeneres might have some “Bad Blood” over Taylor Swift. In a resurfaced clip on TikTok, DeGeneres can be seen hammering the Nashville singer, who looked visibly uncomfortable, about her dating life during a 2012 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Throughout the cringey clip, Swift sits across from DeGeneres, asking the singer to choose from an array of images of famous men that she might have been involved with, like Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, and Justin Timberlake.

“This is so f*ked up,” the supermodel wrote.

“She’s literally begging her to stop,” Ratajkowski continued.

In spite of Swift’s pleas to DeGeneres to stop, the daytime talk show host asked Swift to “ring a bell” every time she came across a picture of one of the men she dated. The singer said she wanted to keep “the one shred of dignity that I have.”

“I don’t want to [do it]. They’ll send me angry emails, and I don’t want to get them,” Swift stated.

It’s unclear whether the bit was planned, but Swift didn’t seem too happy with it either way.

The Midnights singer recently opened up about being reduced to the men she dated in the early days of her career, such as with Apple Beats’ Zane Lowe. Despite Swift not mentioning DeGeneres by name at the time, many Swifties argued that she was referencing the uncomfortable 2012 interview.