Empress Of Reflects On The Nuances Of A Relationship On ‘Love Is A Drug’

Empress Of announced her new album, I’m Your Empress Of, at the start of this month. Unlike a lot of other records these days, the new album is still set for release on its initially announced date: This Friday, April 3. She previously shared “Give Me Another Chance,” and now she has returned with another preview of the record, “Love Is A Drug.”

The song is firmly in Empress Of’s wheelhouse, as it’s a breezy, dance-ready, and aesthetically interesting tune. She sings on the infectious track, “It’s hard to give, along the way / Convince myself, I’m in the moment / I know the fall, might’ve been worse / But now the rain, is overflowin’.”

In a new interview with NME, Empress Of explained when she started writing the album, saying, “I had two months off and I was at home, and I just went nuts. I was waking up and working straight away. I was really heartbroken, and I didn’t have time to process it on tour, because I was having crazy adrenaline rushes every night from playing. So when I got home I was just like, ‘Oh, I’m alone in my house with these feelings that I forgot I had.'”

She also talked about why the album hasn’t been delayed like many others have in light of the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “The thing I would say about this record is that it’s immediate. And it happened fast, and that’s why I’m not pushing the release back. I want the release to feel like the way I wrote it. I didn’t overthink anything on this record. It’s this little miracle that happened in the chaos of touring and going through a bunch of sh*t.”

Listen to “Love Is A Drug” above.

I’m Your Empress Of is out 4/3 via Terrible Records. Pre-order it here.