A Fake Rihanna Paraded Around Brazil Fooling People With A Fake Baby Bump And All

A slew of unsuspecting Brazilians in São Paulo thought they were getting the chance of a lifetime to meet Rihanna this past weekend. Selfies were snapped, hugs were given, and one lady even kissed her pregnant belly. Trouble is, this was not Rihanna at all, but rather a very devoted fake Rihanna, who along with sporting the Fenty Beauty empresario’s baby bump, also had a full-on security detail.

In footage captured of the fake Rihanna’s parade through some of the busiest shopping districts and a bus station in São Paulo, the actress stops to talk to a reporter in pretty good Portuguese (this was the dead giveaway). She tells her that she’s been polishing her Portuguese and that she’s here “to buy things for my baby,” as she gently clutches her big fake belly. “I’m so emotional because I’m her #1 fan,” one hysterical fan says to the reporter. The security detail are in full character as well, never breaking their stone faces. Considering husband ASAP Rocky was in São Paulo to play at Lollapalooza Brazil this past weekend, the fake Rihanna had a pretty good alibi for being there.

But alas, this was actually a gag from a TV show called Cidade Alerta on the major Brazilian network, “TV Record.” The actress, is presumably Priscilla Beatrice, who’s is devoted Rihanna impersonator. Her TikTok has over 2 million followers and she does her very best to look the part.

So while these celebrity-crazed Brazilian fans didn’t actually get to meet the pride of Barbados, at least they got to feel some joy for a bit. That’s worth some Instagram likes right?

Watch the clip of the fake Rihanna from “TV Record” above.