FKA Twigs Is Expanding One Of Her Music Videos Into A TV Show For FX

Back in August, FKA Twigs dropped a video for “Sad Day,” and it was a gorgeous, cinematic clip featuring an epic, mystical sword fight. There’s apparently more of that story to be told, because Twigs has expanded the clip into a full-blown TV show for FX.

Twigs made that reveal in an an interview with The Face, saying:

“But [I’ve done] a couple of fun things over lockdown, because I’ve had a lot of time with not traveling or touring. I’ve been able to get a couple of ideas down for TV series and films. There’s one that’s had the IP bought by FX, which is […] off the back of ‘Sad Day,’ a music video that I did for one of my songs off Magdalene. I’ve developed it into a TV series and they’ve picked it up. So I’m currently making my first TV series. […] It’s like a martial arts TV series which is very much centered around outsiders and the idea of wanting to fit in but not being able to. I’ve been putting a lot of research into the way that the Black community and the Chinese martial arts community have a really deep connection. It goes into music: the Wu-Tang Clan came together almost through martial arts. […] So we’ll see. I’ve been working on that and just allowing myself to try new things and not be restricted.”

For a taste of what Twigs’ upcoming show might be like, check out the “Sad Day” video below.