Girl In Red Takes Over An Industrial Park For A Lively Performance Of ‘Serotonin’ On ‘Fallon’

Thanks to her catchy and vulnerable songwriting on her debut LP If I Could Make It Go Quiet, Girl In Red has begun to dominate the lo-fi pop conversation. The album details her mental health struggles and identity with refreshing candor and has become somewhat of a guiding light for other young queer people on TikTok. Now on the heels of the album release, Girl In Red brings the fan-favorite tune “Serotonin” to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Girl In Red shared a lively rendition of the track from a dark industrial park, contrasting the buoyant beat with the gritty backdrop. She moves through the grimy, floodlight-lit area before she comes across her full band inside one of the buildings. “I’m running low on serotonin / Chemical imbalance got me twisting things / Stabilize with medicine / But there’s no depth to these feelings,” she sings with a sense of urgency.

Ahead of the performance, Girl In Red sat down with Uproxx to discuss her album’s release. Speaking about the inspiration behind “Serotonin,” Girl In Red said:

“For that song particularly, I wrote it and I was like, ‘Wow, I had a lot of stuff I had to get out…’ So many people have their own perception of what it’s like dealing with different things. I’ve definitely had the thought of people not validating my experiences, or people not seeing this experience as something that’s song-worthy or whatever. I’ve definitely had those doubts, especially for [‘Serotonin’]. I’ve never actually felt that way before that song, but you know, most comments have been great. Obviously there are people who are going to be like, ‘yo…this is too straightforward.’ But, I had so many therapists and people who work with OCD patients reach out. It is a very misunderstood disorder, and I’ve had people reach out to me and be like, ‘This is so important that you’re making this.’ I’m really proud, I just pulled through and did it.”

Watch Girl In Red perform “Serotonin” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon above.

If I Could Make It Go Quiet is out now via World In Red/AWAL. Get it here.