Glass Animals Turned In A Glitchy Cover Of Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ For The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Though Lorde’s Solar Power album and the self-titled lead single that kicked it off didn’t necessarily become critic favorites this year, within the industry, plenty of artists have tried their hand at the song. Griff did a cover of it as part of her Spotify Singles release earlier this year and now the massive UK indie-pop band Glass Animals have also tried their hand at a rendition. Following up a pretty massive Grammy nomination in the Best New Artist category, Glass Animals just finished up a massive live tour, so this is a nice end cap for fans who might’ve missed a live show.

As part of a visit to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, where every visiting band offers up a live cover for fans, Dave Bayley and his crew turned the breathy, ’70s-inspired anthem into a much glitchier thing. Since electronic pop music is kind of their thing — and used to be Lorde’s — their version makes perfect sense. But what made the whole thing even better? The soulful backup singers that the band brought into the studio to help flesh out their more upbeat version. Tackling it at a slightly different speed, Bayley’s signature falsetto sounded great flanked by the female vocalists who were singing harmonies. Check out the Glass Animals version of “Solar Power” above.