‘Double Nepo’ Hailey Bieber Is Now Flaunting Her Nepo Baby Pride In Style

The nepo baby discourse isn’t slowing down anytime soon. TikTok and Twitter timelines have been torn apart since last month, when Vulture published a feature about what defines a nepo baby and how they are able to navigate the entertainment industry more easily than those who don’t have familial connections.

Many entertainers have refuted the label, while others have embraced it. Actress and model Hailey Bieber appears to be doing the latter.

Today (January 6) the wife of pop singer Justin Bieber and niece of actor Alec Baldwin was spotted wearing a midriff shirt reading “nepo baby.”

Some have referred to Hailey as a “double nepo,” given her uncle, as well as her husband. Nevertheless, she doesn’t appear to be bothered by the controversial title.

Though she has never directly commented on the nepo baby, she admitted in an interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast that fame can be overwhelming at times.

“Sometimes I don’t think we can comprehend [those thoughts] on our own because then you just throw yourself back into like, a vicious cycle,” she said. “I do think sometimes you need to express it and you need to go to someone who is going to feel safe for you and support you in those thoughts, not make you feel like you’re crazy or that you’re wrong for feeling dark and deep and heavy.”