Halsey Endorses Bernie Sanders For The 2020 Presidential Election With A Video

As Super Tuesday has come to a close and the Democratic nomination seems to be teetering between two choices, many musicians have vocalized their support for a presidential candidate. Halsey is the latest musicians to raise her voice, and she has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders.

In a video shared by Sanders, Halsey shares her life story and reasoning behind endorsing Sanders:

“Bernie has been fighting for me since before I was alive. A queer woman in a multi-racial family who was raised poor in an American suburb. A woman who got into the college of her dreams and couldn’t afford to go. A person physically tormented by a reproductive health disorder that I couldn’t afford to treat. A person who has repeatedly needed access to medical assistance, housing assistance, financial assistance, abortion, all before 21 years old just so I could stay alive. Now I’m considered fortunate, lucky even then, comparatively to the rest of the working class of America. And now my financial privilege protects me from the effects of marginalization that would have previously been fatal for me. So today, I fight for her too. That girl, who wasn’t protected.”

Halsey’s endorsement follows a wave of musicians who have shown their support to the Vermont Senator. Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Public Enemy, Ratboys, Lucy Dacus, and more have offered their music and endorsement at various Sanders rallies.

Watch Halsey’s official endorsement video above.