Halsey Wants To Create Vinyls Made Up Of Her Past Songs Based On Their Moods

Halsey has a lot going on. The singer just released her fourth album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. Prior to that, she gave birth to a son, Ender Riley. While she has the right to take a break and enjoy life, she’s already sharing plans for her next move as an artist. She recently took to Twitter to reveal her newest idea.

“One day I wanna press vinyls that are songs from my catalogue based on mood and vibe no matter what LP they were a part of,” she wrote in a tweet before revealing examples of what the vinyls could look like. “Like: “gasoline,” “nightmare,” “killing boys,” “easier than lying,” “the lighthouse,” “EOM,” etc on one.” Another example listed the following songs for another vinyl: “Darling,” “929,” “100 letters,” “forever is a long time,” “finally / beautiful stranger,” and “is there somewhere.”

Halsey went further and gave one last example of the mood-based vinyl. She named “Girl is a gun,” “bad at love,” “honey,” “alanis,” “I hate everybody,” “colors,” and “graveyard” as records that would appear on the collective project. Seemingly excited by the idea, Halsey concluded her message by writing, “Think of the MATERIAL.”

You can view Halsey’s tweets above.