Halsey Has Been Preparing For Halloween With Seriously Impressive Make-Up Work

Halsey is one of the most beloved and successful pop stars we have, and it turns out she has many talents outside of music. She has recently become a star of basketball Twitter, she’s a poet, and over the past couple days, she has been flexing some impressive costume make-up skills just in time for Halloween.

She got spooky with her showing yesterday, when she shared a photo of herself that looked otherwise normal except for the illusion that her right eye had been gorily gouged out of her head, like a more sinister version of her Manic album art. She captioned her post, “MANIC, but make it Horror.” Somebody asked Halsey if she did the make-up herself, to which Halsey enthusiastically replied, “yes!!!!”

She followed that up today with a make-up job inspired by the titular Corpse Bride from the Tim Burton movie. She quoted a line from the film in her caption, writing, “It takes my breath away! Well it would if I had any…”

Halsey then took a bit of time to explain her make-up background. She wrote in one tweet, “a lil FAQ: yes I do my own makeup. yes I did break out afterwards lmao.” She then responded to somebody who asked how she learned to do make-up like that, writing, “Honestly I was obsessed with the show Face Off in high school and learned how to do a lot of SFX with YouTube tutorials! Combined with having to learn on the fly for music videos and stuff. Like all the SFX for the injuries in the [Hopeless Fountain Kingdom] era videos are done by me!”

Beyond this, it’s been a busy October for Halsey: She interviewed Bernie Sanders and performed at the CMT Music Awards.