Halsey’s Label Blocked ‘3AM’ From Being A Single And Cut The ‘Manic’ Era Short, Halsey Claims

Halsey’s Manic era was a major success: The album peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and “Without Me” was Halsey’s first (and so far only) solo No. 1 single. (Halsey also had a chart-topper with the The Chainsmokers collaboration “Closer.”) It turns out Halsey actually wanted that era to last longer than it did, but Halsey alleges their label cut it short and prevented them from releasing “3AM” as a single like they wanted.

Over the past couple days, Halsey has been open with issues they’ve been having with their label Capitol Records, claiming they’re currently preventing them from releasing a new single until Halsey goes viral on TikTok. In light of that, earlier today, a Twitter user asked Halsey, “have there been other songs you haven’t been able to release as of now because of the same reason? how many do you have on a list?” Halsey responded, “never been stopped from release like this. It almost happened with nightmare. But they blocked 3am as a single as well and the manic era got cut short.”

Another user responded to that tweet, “Ok I always wondered why 3AM was not the biggest hit of 2020.” To that, Halsey replied, “there was a music video concept that was camp horror like Scream with the killer calling everyone and a reveal on ‘will you please pick up the f*cking phone’ with a bunch of guest stars [crying emoji].”

Back in 2020, Halsey said of the story behind how “3AM” came to be, “After a night out where I came home and was ringing everyone in my contacts cause I was dying to talk to literally ANYONE so I wouldn’t have to sit with my own thoughts. I realized ‘hmm this is…bad.’ and wrote a song about it! haha.”

Revisit “3AM” below.