Halsey Updated Pronouns On Their Social Media To Include Both ‘She’ And ‘They’

Although many fans would’ve loved to see Halsey prepping for a big night at The Grammys tonight due to the excellent 2020 album, Manic, the institution sadly chose not to recognize the record — which might be due to a lack of bribes, in whatever form — so the pop star is focused on other things.

One huge change in Halsey’s life lately is pregnancy, which is a major announcement the singer shared at the top of the year. Perhaps considering the shift of becoming a mother in a new light, the singer also made another change this weekend, albeit a smaller one that having a child — updating the pronouns in their Instagram and Twitter bios to include both she and they.

Halsey has openly identified as bisexual since 2015, and previously described herself with the tongue-in-cheek term “tri-bi” as she’s biracial and bipolar as well. Now, the musician is sharing that their gender identity is fluid as well, and an outpouring of support and respect from fans after the quiet announcement prompted them to share a brief note of gratitude in an Instagram story.


Yesterday they also shared an update on their pregnancy belly in an Instagram photo, which is getting pretty big at this point:

But despite the growing responsibilities of motherhood, she’s still finding time to understand the growing economy of NFTs and get involved. Looks like there’s nothing they can’t do.