Halsey Surprises A Young Fan Who Started An Impactful Mental Health Initiative During Lockdown

Every year, BBC Radio 1 picks a crop of “Teen Heroes,” which they describe as “young people who make the world a better place.” All this week, they’ve been revealing 2021’s picks, and on Greg James’ Radio 1 Breakfast show this morning, they surprised an honoree named Madison with a message from her favorite musician: Halsey.

Halsey recorded an audio message for Madison, in which the singer says, “Hey Madison, it’s Halsey. I heard about your ‘positivity packages’ and the massive amount of good that you’re bringing to members of your community. Struggling with your mental health can be a lonely battle, but I’m so proud of you for using your compassion and your experience to help others. You’re making a really big difference in a lot of lives. Just remember to always take time to direct those words and actions towards yourself as well. I’m with you, I’m in awe of you, and congratulations for being a very much deserved Radio 1 Teen Hero.

Earlier in the broadcast, James explained Madison’s story, saying that she started experiencing severe anxiety three years ago. While she had been on an upswing, the pandemic lockdowns were a real setback for her. Despite her own struggles, though, Madison came up with “positivity packages,” boxes containing things like candy, fidget toys, notes of encouragement, and more, which she would mail to people having mental health difficulties. To date, she has mailed over 300 of these packages.

Check out Halsey’s message above and listen to more from the broadcast below.