Halsey Self-Leaks The Original Version Of A ‘Manic’ Bonus Track For Pride Month

Halsey’s Manic, which she released at the top of the year, is a fully fleshed-out effort that gives fans of it plenty to explore. Aside from the core 16-song tracklist, various versions of the album also include bonus material. An extra track on the Japanese edition, for example, is a brief tune called “Wipe Your Tears.” Halsey was in a giving mood over the weekend, so she decided to share “the full OG version” of the song.

Instead of hitting streaming services, Halsey revealed the track on Twitter, seemingly without permission from her label or whatever powers that be. Sharing a screen recording of the audio playing on her phone, Halsey wrote, “prolly gon get in trouble for this but, happy pride ! here’s the full OG version of wipe your tears. my favorite wlw song of mine that ended up on a special release of Manic. if it gets taken down it ain’t my fault.” The track addresses a girl who is the object of Halsey’s admiration.

Halsey previously explained why the song didn’t make it onto the core Manic tracklist, saying, “It was really hard deciding which songs were going to be exclusive to different versions of the album. But I ultimately ended up putting ‘Wipe Your Tears’ and ‘I’m Not Mad’ as bonus tracks because even though I really wanted to keep them, they felt the least essential to the plot that I was trying to get across, because they were so much about other people. And even though there are songs on Manic about my experiences with others, I really wanted the journey to feel cohesive, as being about me, and about myself, and my discovery.”

Listen to the early version of “Wipe Your Tears” above.