Harry Styles Becomes A Fish Father And Expands The Lore Of Eroda In His New ‘Adore You’ Video

Earlier this week, Harry Styles started teasing a new song called “Adore You” by creating a travel campaign for the island of Eroda (which is not real and does not exist outside of these materials and Styles’ imagination). Today, he has shared the “Adore You” video, and it expands on the lore of Styles’ fictional island.

The video (which is narrated by Rosalía) gives some more background on Eroda, but focuses primarily on the story of Styles’ character, whose bright smile doesn’t fit in with his frown-bearing community. As he decides to walk into the ocean and end it all, he comes across a fish that has been similarly outcast. So, instead of meeting a watery grave, he takes on a parental role for the fish. The 7-minute video focuses on their relationship, which has some twists along the way.

In a recent Zane Lowe interview, Styles said that he’s not as worried about commercial success as he used to be, saying, “I think that that’s been a big part of this whole thing for me is I’m just trying to go through life being a little less worried about stuff. If you don’t hit the top of the chart, your life doesn’t change. Realizing that if that was what I was aiming at, and then it didn’t happen, then I’d feel so much worse. Redefining it for me has been amazing to be like, ‘Oh but that’s not the game I’m playing.’ There’s a freedom with that.”

Watch the “Adore You” video above.

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