Harry Styles Says He’s Been Coping During Isolation By ‘Writing So Much’

In the wake of the global crisis caused by the spread of COVID 19 and the Coronavirus, everyone is trying to find their own way through. Sometimes, it helps to hear from our idols about how they’re coping with the same scary stuff as the rest of us, and that’s what had in mind when he shared his experience with Zane Lowe and Apple Music over FaceTime.

Styles explained how his feelings about the situation have changed over time, there’s an excitement to the schedule changes at first, bu then the stark reality sets in. “I think we’re kind of adjusting to the new normal,” Styles told Lowe. “I think for a lot of people, the reality’s setting in. At first, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re all in and we get to watch movies and eat burritos,’ and live the kind of meme life.”

“And then you speak to people around the world,” he continued. “I have some friends in Italy and stuff, and for them it’s really scary. There’s hundreds of people dying every day and you kind of, if you’re in your house, you get to kind of remove from it a little bit and you get to watch films and read books and listen to music, which is amazing. But I think you get that humbling moment where you just remember that actually this is a very serious thing. So, yeah, it’s definitely been an adjustment, and there’s people who aren’t with their families, and it’s a really hard time to be a single person living on your own right now.”

In order to deal with some of the pressures of this new normal, Harry shared that he’s been relying on meditation a lot, and trying to stick to a regular schedule.

“I meditate,” he shared. “So I’ll meditate in the morning, and then have a coffee and do some reading to kind of just try to wake up a little bit. And then I go for a run, try and get some air and some sunshine, and try and work out in the morning or something. And then I’ll try to do a little work and just go for a walk in the afternoon. I have just been trying to get some air and not see anyone. But I’ve been going for drives and stuff just to get some air and some sun on my face.”

Since the tour behind Styles’ epic 2019 album Fine Line has obviously been delayed, he shared that the sense of it happening worldwide has helped lessen the blow. “We were hitting the road in a couple of weeks,” he continued. “It’s kind of across the board. Everyone’s shut down, so it doesn’t feel so ‘Woe is me, why is this happening to me?’ type thing. I’ve been writing so much. To be honest, I’m doing some of the stuff that I should be doing more often anyway. I should be playing the guitar more. I should be writing poems and lyrics more. So I’ve been doing a lot of that.”

And Harry doesn’t think he’s the only one who will be producing more music because of the quarantine. “I think a lot of powerful music is going to come from that,” he said, “Because, ultimately, you have people who have a need to express themselves through music and writing and film and so many different ways, who are now having a lot of extra time with no distractions. It gives you an ability to have almost like a bird’s-eye view of the world and your life.”

Listen to clips of the interview below: