A Harry Styles Fan Sues A Concert Venue After They Were Injured By A Crowd Surge At A 2019 Show

A woman is suing a concert venue after she says she was injured at a 2019 Harry Styles concert. According to TMZ, who obtained documents from the lawsuit, the unnamed woman says she went to the December 2019 album release party for Harry Styles’ sophomore album Fine Line. The event took place at The Forum in Los Angeles, and she says she was pushed to the ground during the show after a huge crowd of attendees surged towards the stage. The woman says she sustained serious injuries after other people crushed her body while she laid on the ground.

Styles himself is not named in the lawsuit, but the woman is suing The Forum, show promoters, and ticketing services which include Live Nation, Stubhub, and Ticketmaster. In her lawsuit, she claims that the venue, its promoters, and ticketing services failed to provide adequate seating, lighting, services, supervision, and crowd control that night. She adds that concertgoers in front of the stage were put in harm’s way as a result of the crowd surge.

It’s unknown how much the fan is suing for as a result of the incident, but TMZ says that she claims her injuries are “chronic and debilitating and are diminishing her quality of life.” TMZ reached out to Madison Square Garden Company, which owned The Forum at the time, for a comment on the matter and a spokesperson says they recently received the woman’s complaint and are now looking into the incident.