Phoebe Waller-Bridge Of ‘Fleabag’ Fame Is Reportedly Starring In A Harry Styles Music Video

When two of the internet’s darlings get together, well, that’s amore. Excuse me, I mean that’s show business! Harry Styles has swiftly become one of the foremost pop stars in the world following his legacy-cementing album, Fine Line, so any move he makes is newsworthy. But add in Phoebe Waller-Bridge, beloved star and creator of the hit series Fleabag? That’s like internet catnip, and the fans are going a little crazy tonight after seeing apparent proof and rumored confirmation that Waller-Bridge will indeed be starring in Harry’s next music video for “Treat People With Kindness.”

After the splash of “Watermelon Sugar,” a video that’s “dedicated to touching” was released during a global pandemic that forbids just that, Harry’s next video is guaranteed to have viewers equally up in arms. Though the source of the rumors that Phoebe is involved remains unclear for now, fan accounts like Harry Styles Daily (@hsdaily) have been circulating a GIF of the two in what certainly looks like a clip from a music video:

Then, the official Fleabag account on Twitter replied to a meme from the show about the character Harry with a knowing reaction GIF:

Although “Treat People With Kindness” is one of the weaker tracks on Fine Line, it’s certainly a sentiment that could do with some good PR these days. No word yet on official release date, but that clip looked pretty much done, didn’t it?