What Is Harry Styles’ Setlist Of Songs For The ‘Love On Tour?’

Harry Styles has been on his Love On Tour in support of Harry’s House for a while now, which makes it a good time to ask the question: What songs is he playing on the road?

Setlist.fm, the most comprehensive resource for concert setlists available online, has the answer: Per their data (as of October 4), “Kiwi” was been the most-performed song of the tour so far. In a multi-way tie for second are some other recognizable favorites: “Adore You,” “Golden,” “Sign Of The Times,” “Treat People With Kindness,” “Watermelon Sugar,” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

As for album representation, songs from Fine Line are getting the most plays, followed by Harry’s House and Harry Styles. Through it all, “Golden” has been the most common song to open the show, while either “Love Of My Life” or “Fine Line” usually close the main set, with “Kiwi” closing the show overall most of the time.

Find Styles’ most played songs on the Love On Tour below, as well as the tour’s average setlist. Check out Styles’ upcoming tour dates here.

1. “Kiwi” (90 performances)
T2. “Adore You” (88)
T2. “Golden” (88)
T2. “Sign Of The Times” (88)
T2. “Treat People With Kindness” (88)
T2. “Watermelon Sugar” (88)
T2. “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction song) (88)
T8. “Canyon Moon” (65)
T8. “Lights Up” (65)
T10. “As It Was” (46)
T10. “Cinema” (46)
T10. “Daylight” (46)
T10. “Keep Driving” (46)
T10. “Late Night Talking” (46)
T10. “Love Of My Life” (46)
T10. “Matilda” (46)
T10. “Music for A Sushi Restaurant” (46)
T10. “Satellite” (46)
T19. “Carolina” (42)
T19. “Cherry” (42)
T19. “Falling” (42)
T19. “Fine Line” (42)
T19. “Only Angel” (42)
T19. “She” (42)
T25. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” (40)
T25. “Woman” (40)
27. “Medicine” (24)
T28. “Boyfriends” (23)
T28. “Daydreaming” (23)
T28. “Little Freak” (23)
31. “Happy Birthday” (Mildred J. Hill And Patty Hill cover) (21)
32. “To Be So Lonely” (9)
T33. “Ever Since New York” (1)
T33. “No Hard Feelings” (Wolf Alice cover) (1)
T33. “Over The Rainbow” (Harold Arlen cover) (1)
T33. “Se telefonando” (Mina cover) (1)
T33. “Toxic” (Britney Spears cover) (1)

1. “Golden”
2. “Adore You”
3. “Daylight”
4. “She”
5. “Keep Driving”
6. “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”
7. “Matilda”
8. “Cinema”
9. “Satellite”
10. “Lights Up”
11. “Canyon Moon”
12. “Treat People With Kindness”
13. “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction song)
14. “Late Night Talking”
15. “Love Of My Life”
16. “Sign Of The Times” (encore)
17. “Watermelon Sugar” (encore)
18. “As It Was” (encore)
19. “Kiwi” (encore)