Hayley Williams Has A Transformation In Her Introspective ‘Leave It Alone’ Video

Paramore leader Hayley Williams kicked off a new era this month when she announced her debut solo album with the single “Simmer.” Today, she continues to push the new record with another new single, “Leave It Alone.” On the downtempo, groove-driven track, Williams sings about losing loved ones. She begins the song, “Don’t nobody tell me / That God don’t have a sense of humor / ‘Cause now that I want to live / Well, everybody around me is dying.”

Williams spoke about the track with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, saying:

“It really sucks that you do have to dig through the dirtiest sh*t to find like the diamonds, you know? […] I’m doing all this work on childhood stuff and traumas and I’m terrified of losing people obviously. And my Nana, who was my mom’s mother had this terrible fall. […] Like the kind of thing that we had said goodbye to her. The weirdest thing is that she got better, but it prolonged the grief because she’s not really here with us. She doesn’t really remember everything. Thankfully she knows who I am, she knows who my mom is, but she really doesn’t. It was so tough and felt like there was a lot of death at the time. And I just thought, what is the point of loving people? Like, why? Even in the best case scenario, I fall in love, we have a life together, and then we lose one or the other. It’s terrifying. The more you love, the more you stand to lose.”

Watch the “Leave It Alone” video above.

Petals For Armor is out 05/08 via Atlantic Records.

Hayley Williams is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.