Here Is ITZY’s ‘Born To Be’ Tour Setlist

ITZY recently kicked off their Born To Be tour on Saturday night (February 24) in Seoul, South Korea. The K-pop girl group took the stage at Jamsil Arena, delivering a massive setlist full of their biggest hits — which has obviously excited fans.

According to, they played nine songs from their Born To Be album during the second night in Seoul, including opening with the title track, “Crown On My Head,” “Mr. Vampire,” and more. They also kept the same list of tracks on the setlist for both nights, so while it’s still unclear, it is likely that they’ll keep this for other cities too.

For those heading to one of ITZY’s upcoming shows, here’s what songs you can expect. A complete list of dates, along with more information, can be found here.

ITZY’s Born To Be Tour Setlist

1. “Born To Be” (Extended intro)
2. “Racer”
3. “Kidding Me”
4. “Mr. Vampire”
5. “Swipe”
6. “Wannabe” (Extended dance break intro)
7. “Mine” (Chaeryeong solo)
8. “Run Away” (Ryujin solo)
9. “Yet, But” (Yuna solo)
10. “Crown On My Head” (Yeji solo, extended outro)
11. “Untouchable” (Extended intro)
12. “Gas Me Up”
13. “Dynamite”
14. “Psychic Lover”
15. “Don’t Give A What”
16. “Loco” (Dancers extended outro)
17. “Not Shy” (Extended band intro)
18. “Cake”
19. “Sneakers” (Chanting outro)
20. “Kill Shot”
21. “Escalator” (Extended outro)
22. “Love Is”
23. “Be In Love”
24. “Chillin’ Chillin'”
25. “Dalla Dalla” (Extended outro)