Jack Antonoff’s Latest Lorde Collaboration Prompts Jokes About His Music All Sounding The Same

Jack Antonoff has built quite the career for himself between his work with Fun and Bleachers. In recent years, though, he has become perhaps best known for his production and songwriting work, specifically with high-profile collaborators like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Clairo, and Lorde. Lorde’s latest single, “Stoned At The Nail Salon,” is another collaboration between her and Antonoff, and some observant fans noticed it sounds like something they’ve heard before.

One person made a video comparing a section of the song with Lana Del Rey’s “Wild At Heart,” a Chemtrails Over The Country Club song that Antonoff co-wrote.

That observation was echoed by many and taken to another level, as many Twitter users (enough to help make Antonoff a trending topic this afternoon) shared their belief that a lot of the projects with which Antonoff is involved bear a similar sound. One fan accused Antonoff of “stripping all the flavour from the alternative girls and adding piano,” while another alleged that he “has managed to sand off the interesting parts of even Lorde’s music.” One user even declared Antonoff the “eco-friendly king” because of how he “recycles” parts of his songs.

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