Jack Antonoff And Lorde’s Parents Have Become Good Friends

There has been a bit of a Lorde “extended universe” takeover on The Late Show over the past couple days. Lorde guested on the July 21 episode, during which she went day-drinking with Seth Meyers and also performed “Stoned At The Nail Salon.” Jack Antonoff, the song’s co-writer, joined Lorde for that performance, and then he returned to guest by himself on last night’s episode, as well as to perform with Bleachers.

During the conversation, Mayers asked Antonoff (who sported a shirt featuring the cover art of Claud’s 2021 album Super Monster) about the friendship that has formed between his and Lorde’s parents, and Antonoff said, “Yeah, they’re like… they hang. I think they party a little bit, but… actually, I don’t know about… I’ll segue: My parents party hard and I’ve noticed that they’ve, like … yeah, our parents are cool, they do stuff, but I don’t want to out anyone else’s parents for partying.”

He went on to speak about how his parents (specifically his father) are getting more into substances as time goes on, saying, “The older I’ve gotten, every stage that I go through in life, my parents start doing different drugs, because they’re, like, letting go.”

He also spoke about working with Bruce Springsteen and performed “Stop Making This Hurt” with Bleachers, so check out clips from the show above and below.