James Corden Responds To One Direction Fans Begging Him To Kidnap And Reunite The Group

Members of One Direction spent some time a couple months ago reflecting on the group’s tenth anniversary. That was essentially all that came of that, as there was no announcement of new music, reunion performances, or any sort of new activity from the group. There are seemingly some fans who are desperate to see that happen, though, as they have taken some drastic measures.

The Late Late Show host James Corden, who has a good working relationship with the group and has had them and their members on his show multiple times, has apparently been receiving a lot of pleas from fans for him to kidnap the group and force them to reunite. This has been a big enough trend, it would seem, for Corden to address it on his show.

He began by saying he makes it a point to not read comments about himself or the show online, but that he couldn’t ignore the torrent of kidnap-requesting comments he received on various platforms. Corden said, in fact, that the show gets about 300 YouTube comments per week on its videos about him kidnapping One Direction.

The host laid out the logistical challenges of such a kidnapping (especially during a pandemic), and said the begging isn’t helping at all: “The more people ask me to kidnap the boys, the less likely I am to do it. You’re killing any element of surprise, and surprise is a major factor when kidnapping someone. In the history of kidnapping, I don’t think any of them have originated from a fan account suggesting that a crime take place.”

He continues to make his case and shares a highlight reel of the band’s visits to the show, so watch the video above.