Jennifer Lopez Explains How She’s Been Exploited By AI, But She Still Thinks We Should Be ‘Respectful’ Of It

Jennifer Lopez stars in the new movie Atlas, which is streaming on Netflix now and sees her playing a data analyst who must leverage AI to help save the planet. Beyond the screen, Lopez has had some run-ins with AI in her own life and they weren’t exactly positive.

At the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles, Lopez told Variety that she has seen advertisements created with AI that used edited photos of her face covered in “wrinkles,” to sell “skincare that I know nothing about.” Lopez said, “It’s really scary. Right away we had them stealing our faces. So, yes, [AI] is really scary.”

She added, “I think you should be respectful of AI. […] We have to be open to all possibilities. These movies that are talking about AI — especially this one — do a really good job of showing both sides.” Lopez also said, “I think this movie does a good job of showing how AI could go incredibly wrong, and this is how it could go really right.”

Meanwhile, Lopez has seemingly had some issues with her latest concert tour. It was reported in March that Lopez had quietly canceled a handful of shows of This Is Me… Now The Tour. Later, amid reports of low ticket sales, the tour was renamed This Is Me…Live The Greatest Hits.