JoJo Doesn’t Want To Be A ‘Creature Of Habit’ In Her Hypnotic Video

JoJo made a grand comeback with her evocative 2020 album Good To Know and now, she returns with an earnest reflection on toxic relationships. Debuting a hypnotic video, JoJo shares “Creature Of Habit” as her second track of the year.

Leaning on her powerhouse vocals, “Creature Of Habit” features JoJo passionately delivers lyrics about the all-too-familiar story of feeling trapped in an unhealthy relationship cycle. The song itself features a snappy beat, offering a contrast to her folksy 2021 single “American Mood.” About the track, JoJo said she was inspired by recognizing her own habits within her love life:

“‘Creature of Habit’ is about someone who feels addicted to the habit a relationship, even though they’re not truly happy in it. Having experienced my own cycles of habits allowed me to find aspects of myself in the lyrics. Walking away from what you’ve become so used to can be really daunting. Sometimes it just feels more comfortable to stay in the habit, rather than allowing yourself the discomfort of letting it go. Essentially, it’s the fear of the unknown that keeps us in the habit.”

The vibrant visual arrives on the heels of her reveal as the Black Swan on The Masked Singer. About her experience as a contestant on the series, JoJo wrote: “I am so grateful to everyone who helped me behind the scenes mentally and emotionally because there’s no way to know WHAT to expect when you sign up. It was fun becoming this character and singing for people every week with such amazing production around me. It allowed me to reclaim my passion for singing, writing, and even interpreting other people’s songs. The Masked Singer is an experience I’ll always be grateful for. I’ll lowkey miss the swan!!!”

Listen to “Creature Of Habit” above.

JoJo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.