Watch JoJo’s Coronavirus PSA ‘Chill (Stay In),’ A Playful Remix Of Her Debut Single

Way back in the year of 2004 a new pop singer with a huge voice released her debut single — “Leave (Get Out)” and became the star known mononymously as JoJo. After some record label drama left her out of the game for a while, she’s been on the upswing lately and back in a big way. And given what she’s already gone through, it’s not surprising that JoJo is one musician who is taking the Coronavirus quarantine seriously.

Remixing her debut single into a new PSA about not leaving the house, JoJo’s “Chill (Stay In)” version of the song is already going pretty viral on Tik Tok. “I never thought Corona could be such a nasty b*tch / But now that she’s here all I want is for you to use common sense,” she sings. “Stay in, right now. Do it for humanity!”

Since plenty of people already know the melody to the original well, this updated version makes for a great sing along, and is a playful yet serious reminder of just how important limiting exposure to others can really be, Learn more about social distancing here and check out JoJo’s other new single, “Man,” below.