Justin Bieber Thanked Trump For Trying To Free ASAP Rocky But Also Asked Him To Free Caged Immigrant Children

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ASAP Rocky may be getting help from the President for his release from Swedish prison, after several weeks behind bars. Kanye West called upon Donald Trump to free Rocky, and Trump answered. The president held a press conference promising to work with the Swedish government to release Rocky from prison. Justin Bieber was grateful for the push for Rocky’s freedom, but responded that Trump should also help free the migrant children detained at his border.

Bieber responded to Trump’s tweet by making it clear he felt Trump was being hypocritical. “I want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him,” he said. Bieber went on to say that while Trump was “at it,” he should also consider freeing the children in “cages” at the border.

Trump previously took to Twitter to announce he had spoken with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. Trump said Löfven assured him Rocky “will be treated fairly.” The President then said he would personally vouch for Rocky’s bail.

Many members of the music community have been voicing their concern for Rocky. Reports were released which stated he’s being held in “inhumane conditions.” Though Swedish prosecutors deny the reports, several musicians have decided to boycott Sweden until Rocky is released.

Rocky was arrested following a recorded brawl on the streets of Stockholm. He has maintained his innocence, but prosecutors are holding him in prison until they decide whether or not to move forward with his case.