Kacey Musgraves Made A Cameo On ‘Sesame Street’ To Sing A Disco-Pop Banger About Colors

Sesame Street may be a show for kids, but they continuously book talent that’s relevant for any adult viewers out there (Sopranos actor James Gandolfini once talked about dealing with fear on an episode). Grammy Award-winning singer Kacey Musgraves has made her way on the show a few times and even turned Ernie’s “Rubber Duckie” song into a country-pop hit. Now once again making an appearance on the screen with several Muppets, Musgraves returned to Sesame Street to sing another tune.

The singer’s cameo begins with her coming to Elmo with a “big problem.” She can’t seem to decide which color is her favorite and is looking for some advice. That kicks off a synth-heavy disco-pop banger where Musgraves sings about what she loves about every color of the rainbow.

Musgraves has done more than sing songs on Sesame Street. Earlier this year, the singer proved that the kids show can also be fashionable. Musgraves teamed up with the fashion brand Moschino to be the face of their Sesame Street collaboration. She posed in expensive outfits inspired by characters like Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird (who for some bizarre reason recently became a talking point among anti-vaxxers).

Watch Musgraves sing a song about colors of the rainbow on Sesame Street above.