Kate Nash Is On A Mission To End Sexual Assault And Abuse In The Music Industry

Kate Nash’s most recent album was 2018’s Yesterday Was Forever and she has also gained notoriety for her role in the now-canceled Netflix series GLOW. Now, she’s working on an even bigger project: Nash has decided to take action against sexual assault and abuse in the music industry.

On Saturday, Nash tweeted, “I woke up BITTAH about the music industry. If we don’t make a stand we’ll see discrimination on a whole new level post pandemic. Everyone must be held accountable for making the music industry a fairer place to work. Book women/non binary folk & POC at your festivals.”

After seemingly thinking more about that over the next couple days, Nash returned to Twitter today with a focused mission. She wrote in a pair of tweets, “Festival line ups that purposely lack diveristy & exclude non male acts create unwelcoming & potentially unsafe environments for punters. I’m building a platform to tackle sexual abuse & asaualt in my industry & I need your help. Please email me your negative experiences at festivals related to these issues. Sexism, racism, hate, violence, sexual abuse, assualt, rape. Anything you are comfortable sharing will be kept anonymous & used as data for research. Music industry I’m comin for u. #changethescene.”

Both of those tweets were accompanied by an image that reads:

“I am collecting data for the platform I’m building to tackle sexual assault & abuse in the music industry. I believe that festival line ups that lack diversity & exclude non male acts are part of the problem. Creating spaces that purposely lack diversity can make spaces unwelcoming & potentially unsafe for punters and that is unacceptable. I would like to hear from you if you have ever had a negative experience at a festival, felt unsafe, experienced sexual assault, abuse, racism, sexism, hate or violence. If you would like to share your experience with me then please email me at thesafetychain2020@gmail.com Please include the name of the festival in your email. Personal details will remain anonymous and [this] information will be used for data and research purposes only and by emailing you agree to it being used for these purposes only. Please share this and help me collect this data.”

When challenged by a detractor to “Name a festival that is ‘purposely’ anti female,” Nash responded, “!! If you have experience in booking and informed knowledge on this matter pls email me we can connect bruv. If you’re just an agitated twitter person then keep tweeting me about your [uninformed] opinion as it’s a gas.”

Find Nash’s tweets below.