Katy Perry Enlists The Help Of Amazon Alexa To Reveal Her Upcoming Album’s Release Date

Katy Perry has been teasing a new era of music for quite some time. Last year, the singer drew on ’70s influences for the singles “Small Talk” and “Harleys In Hawaii” before beautifully revealing her pregnancy in a video for “Never Worn White.” Now, Katy has confirmed that 2019 singles weren’t all for naught. The singer has unveiled the firm release date for her upcoming fifth studio album, and she enlisted the help of AI for the announcement.

Rather than using conventional channels to announce her fifth record, Katy Perry instead sought the assistance of Amazon Alexa. In a clip posted to Twitter, one fan was able to unveil the record’s release date by asking her Alexa. When prompted, Alexa responded with the upcoming album’s release date. “Katy asked me to let you know that her new album will be released on August 14th,” Alexa responds. “Make sure to follow Katy Perry on Amazon Music for more.”

Furthering her collaboration with Amazon, Katy Perry will be hosting a live Q&A session Friday on Amazon Music. Fans who tune in can get exclusive information about the album as well as hear her perform her new song “Daisies.”

Katy Perry’s upcoming project is slated for release August 14. The record may even feature a collaboration with Taylor Swift, a rumor which Perry neither confirmed nor denied in a recent interview.