Katy Perry Drops A Road-Faring Video For Her Warm-Weather Love Song ‘Harleys In Hawaii’

Katy Perry has made herself heard in pop music this year thanks to a pair of well-received singles. She began with “Never Really Over,” which was followed by “Small Talk,” and now, she has shared a video for her new single, “Harleys In Hawaii.” The track is a smooth pop love song about enjoying time with a significant other while — you guessed it — riding Harleys in Hawaii.

Perry wrote of the video on Twitter, “What do you get when you rent a motorcycle for a weekend with your boyfriend in Hawaii? A love song of course.”

The song was co-written and co-produced by Charlie Puth, with whom she also worked on “Small Talk.” Perry previously talked about collaborating with Puth, saying, “I love what he does in his own music. I love how descriptive he is and how great of a storyteller he is, and how it’s pure pop and just so layered. So I thought we’d be a good fit, and it turns out he’s just as weird as I am, […] so we get along with our strangeness.”

During an appearance on Ellen last month, Perry spoke about how she’s been approaching making music lately, saying that what she’s doing now is a new strategy for her: “I’m basically in the studio and writing songs and putting them out every couple of months, and doing it differently than I used to do it. Obviously, people are consuming music in a whole different way, but I’m just having fun and I’m happy to put out videos.”

Watch the “Harleys In Hawaii” video above.