Katy Perry Talks New Music And Her Pregnancy Ahead Of Her Upcoming ‘Smile’ Album

Looking to make a strong turnaround following her 2017 Witness album which received less than positive reviews from critics, Katy Perry is gearing up for the release of her sixth album, Smile. Arriving at the end of the month, Perry has given fans plenty to look forward to with its release, expeditiously with the album’s four singles, including its title track and “Daisies.” Giving fans more details on Smile as well as updating them on her pregnancy, Perry sat down with The Sunday Times Style for a game of “Finish The Sentence.”

Complying with the game and all its rules, Perry would soon get into the album after being asked to describe it..

“I would describe my new album as hopeful, resilient, joyful and my own journey of coming through hell,” she said. When asked which song best describes her current life, Perry picked two songs, “Smile” and the album’s outro, “What Makes a Woman,” choosing the latter because, “I am going through very, very feminine things right now.”

Perry would also answer some questions about her pregnancy and her progress with it. “Being pregnant is amazing because my level of appreciation for women has grown exponentially and given me this powerful feeling, like I can do it all while still creating another life,” she said. “I feel really powerful.”

In the nearly 4:30 minute video, Perry also spoke on why she will never grow tired of performing and the advice she would give her 18-year-old self.