Billboards Featuring Transgender Pop Star Kim Petras Show Up Near The Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church has never been shy about its feelings when it comes to LGBTQ issues, and the church has long been criticized for its protests and use of hate speech. Now somebody in Topeka, Kansas (where the church’s headquarters are located) has decided to go after the church with four new billboards. Currently, four electronic billboards in Topeka display images of Kim Petras, a transgender woman. The signs read “Call Me Baby,” as well as Petras’ name and the phone number from Petras’ song “Got My Number.”

TMZ notes that it’s not clear who is behind the billboards, but that they are all near the Westboro Baptist Church headquarters, an apparently intentional placement decision. Petras is not the person responsible for the signs, but she really enjoys them. She shared a tweet about the billboard news and wrote, “wtfff this is fkn amazing!!!”

It’s been a busy year for Petras. She released her debut album, Clarity, in June, and shared almost all of the album’s tracks as singles leading up to the album’s release. More recently, she also shared her Halloween-themed project, Turn Off The Light.

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