Kim Petras Is A Parisian Party Girl In The Apocalyptic ‘Future Starts Now’ Video

Even when things get a little apocalyptic, Kim Petras never loses her focus. The pop star just released a new single — her first after signing with Republic Records — and the tone her next era is decidedly futuristic. Aptly titled “Future Starts Now,” the song gave us a peek into Petras’ new sound, a sleek, bombastic take that’s on the cooler side, but still in line with the massive warmth of last year’s epic love song, “Malibu.” Back then, Petras said the song introduced her new era of “superstar pop,” and she’s certainly doubled down on that with the video for “Future Starts Now.”

In the clip, Petras is Parisian chic in a beret at a party, slowly turning the gathering into a dance performance. But, elsewhere, the Eiffel Tower is floating and the weather is wrecking havoc on everything — except Petras’ dancing. Of the video, she said that it was inspired by all the chaotic events of the last few months:

“The ‘Future Starts Now’ video is inspired by going into the unknown, having the world change and break under you, and celebrating that change and the future after what feels like the end of the world. I was very into this amazing anime called Japan Sinks and, since I was so inspired by Europe when making my new music, I thought, ‘There’s no better way to do this music video than to have the Eiffel Tower sink.’ When I think of Europe, the first thing I think about is the Eiffel Tower. It’s a metaphor for life: Things are going to change whether you want them to or not and you can either roll with it and make the best out of it or let it drown you. The pandemic changed the world in bad ways but good ways too. It’s about not letting life sink you and to have fun and celebrate the world — whatever it becomes.”

Check out the video above and keep an eye out for more new music.