Kim Petras Delivers An ‘Icy’ Performance Of Her Hit Song On ‘Good Morning America’

Kim Petras broke out in 2019 with Clarity, on which she showcased her talent for writing all different kinds of pop songs. While the album arrived in July, the singer is still supporting the record and her recently-released Halloween-themed project Turn Off The Light. Now, Petras has made her 2020 TV debut on Good Morning America today. The singer performed her Clarity hit “Icy” to a studio filled with fans.

Sporting an appropriately-themed giant puffy jacket, Petras showed off her impressive vocal range with her “Icy” performance. “Now I got an ice-cold heart / VVS’ is the only kinda ice I want,” Petras crooned. While the singer performed solo on stage, her larger-than-life personality was all she needed to give the crowd chills during the performance. The singer periodically pumped-up the crowed with some aptly-timed shouts.

Ahead of her live TV performance, Petras was on a North American tour in 2019, where she had her fair share of antics. While performing in Kansas, Petras learned that the Westboro Baptist Church would be picketing her show. But the news only amused the transgender pop star. Petras responded with a comedic video and subsequently confronted the protesters by snapping a series of pictures in front of them.

Watch Petras perform “Icy” on Good Morning America above and read our review of Clarity here.