Kim Petras’ Celebrity-Studded ‘Malibu’ Video Has Cameos From Paris Hilton, Charli XCX, And More

Kim Petras aims to reign in all things summer with her recent cheery number “Malibu.” With the track, Petras wanted to ease anxieties that inevitably arise in quarantine. To assist her with her goal, a host of celebrities joined in for Petras’ quarantine-style video accompanying the track.

The “Malibu” video opens with Petras in front of a brightly-colored ocean background before a clip of Paris Hilton singing the song’s hook appears on the screen. The remainder of the visual jumps between joyous snippets of various celebrities giving their best lip-synched renditions of the song. Along with Hilton, musicians and stars like Charli XCX, Jonathan Van Ness, Demi Lovato, Jessie J, and Loren Gray join in on the fun.

Ahead of the visual’s release, Petras spoke with Uproxx about her writing process on the single:

“I actually wrote it when I had never really been to anything else but the beach in Malibu. And my imagination of it was so great, but then I was like, ‘Wait, it’s just a bunch of rich people living by the ocean.’ I wanted to write a song about my imagination of it and how I wanted it to feel — I think I just haven’t been to Malibu with the right people. But this song is an ode to my imagination, like how Malibu looks on TV, to somebody who’s from Germany and how it seems in the movies and stuff like that. So it’s really romantic because I’m comparing love to my dream version of Malibu, that’s what the song is all about to me. But I would love for people to make it about anything they want to make it about.”

Watch Petras’ “Malibu” video above.

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