Lady Gaga Offers A Heartfelt Co-Sign Of A New Song Written About Her

Given Lady Gaga’s sustained level of extreme success, it’s a given that there have been plenty of tributes to her over the years. Now, though, Gaga has offered a co-sign to a new one that moved her by sharing a few words about “Gaga,” a new song by 20-year-old singer-songwriter Grace Gaustad.

Gaga tweeted, “Grace and I share a vocal coach who is deeply meaningful to us both and changed our lives, through him I found her and she found me. So proud of her and feel touched she wrote a song inspired by me. Love her! Check it out!”

The tune is named after Gaga but she’s not the only pop icon referenced on it, as the chorus goes, “Baby, I just wanna be a rockstar / Dancing like a virgin like Madonna / Flashing lights, I’m front row with Rihanna / On the edge of glory like I’m Gaga, Gaga.”

Upon releasing the song, Gaustad wrote, “This song and video is one of the most important things I’ve ever released because it’s a tribute to the woman who made me want to follow my dreams in the first place. @ladygaga Thank you for being you. Thank you for inspiring MILLIONS of people including me. Thank you for being a light in a dark world. 10 year old me is somewhere dancing to the telephone music video in her bedroom. I love you.”

Watch the “Gaga” video above.