Lady Gaga Is Reportedly On The Verge Of Launching Her Return

Even though nothing has been confirmed, when rumors of a beloved pop star’s return begin to spread, the excitement is contagious. Reports that Lady Gaga is mounting her return to the traditional pop format started circulating tonight, and the star quickly became a trending topic due to the fervor of her fans.

And they have reason to be eager, too — Gaga hasn’t dropped a proper pop album since the fall of 2016. Her underrated shift toward country-pop balladry, Joanne, paid homage to a lost family member and set the stage for Ally’s sound in A Star Is Born. That soundtrack, which racked up accolade after accolade, has been the only new music to tide fans over in the intervening four years.

Now, it’s a new year, and a return to bops has been formally requested. And if we know Gaga, she’ll deliver. Whatever she has in store as the follow-up to her pivot to cinema is probably going to be a strong return to form, with heavy dance elements and potentially even lyrics about her (second) recently dissolved engagement.

Because she’s been telling us she was “pregnant” with this album since March of 2019, the dates check out. Not to mention her slated performance during the lead up to the Super Bowl next week will be the perfect place to debut new music. Gaga dropping a sixth album in 2020 is going to help start the year right when it comes to pop.