Lana Del Rey’s Questionable ‘Blue Banisters’ Album Art Inspires Hilarious Remakes Of Other Album Covers

Last night, Lana Del Rey announced that she’s releasing a new album called Blue Banisters in July. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Del Rey’s post sharing the news, though, has been the reactions to the cover art. They have not been kind. While Del Rey’s other studio albums feature what appear to be professionally taken photos, the art that Del Rey shared for Blue Banisters is an edited version of a selfie she has shared multiple times on social media. The art also features a curly blue font and white framing around the image.

In the hours following the reveal, fans have decided to have fun with this style of album art by creating new parody covers in this aesthetic for other albums. For example, here’s somebody’s take on Lady Gaga’s Chromatica:

Here’s an imagining of what it might look like if Del Rey designed the cover for a re-recorded version of Taylor Swift’s 1989:

Somebody else went ahead and remade Del Rey’s own album Honeymoon in this new style:

Outside of these renderings, the reaction was also not positive. Some people decided to mock up their own alternate album covers for Blue Banisters, most of which look more professional than slapping filters on a selfie. Meanwhile, others told Del Rey to stay away from phone-based editing apps, while others yet were just left wondering what Del Rey was thinking.

Check out some more reactions below.